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Manufacturing Analytics Platform

Manufacturing Analytics Platform(MAP) is an Industry 4.0 tool for manufacturers to drive improvements in Shop floor be it continuous improvement, yield optimisation, Cycle time optimisation or downtime management.

Platform Features

Remote Monitoring

Visualise machine status & production, track OEE and improve efficiency in real time.

Rule Engine, Alerts & Notifications

Rule Engine for monitoring assets data and alerting for abnormalities/failure.

KPI Dashboards

Dashboards to monitor and analyse production, OEE, Cycle time, and Operator performance.

Cost Effective data Collectors

Reliable, cost effective hardware to acquire & store equipment data.

AI / ML Driven Analytics

ML / AI driven algorithms on the edge or cloud to detect anomalies.

Automated Planning & Scheduling

ML/AI driven planning to maximise production & On Time Delivery(OTD).

Use Case& Benefits


Use Case



Manufacturing Analytics Platform
OEE & Cycle time Monitoring Manufacturing Analytics Platform with alert Engine Increase Throughput by 5%
Shop Floor Operations Visibility Manufacturing Analytics Platform with Shop floor Analytics Working Capital reduction by 5 to 8%
Automated Production Reporting Dashboards based on real time data from equipment Increase in your manpower Productivity by 2 to 3%
Energy Optimisation Energy Optimisation with alerts on usage and modelling consumption pattern for improvements 3 to 5% savings in energy cost
Tool & Mould Tracking IOT Platform with alert engine along with Beacons / RFID Increase tool availability by 3 to 5%
Werehouse stock Optimisation MAP with Alert Engine automated replenishment & Beacon / RFID Improve availability of raw meterial and spares