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Consumption Monitoring
Cost Estimation
Energy Optimisation

Energy Management Platform Features

Consumption Visibility

Visibility to energy consumption across assets

Rule Engine, Alerts & Notifications

Alerts on abnormal consumption of power through notifications to users

KPI Dashboards

Energy analytics dashboard to visualise trends in consumption

Cost Estimation

Estimation of power cost based on time and quantity of energy consumed

Consumption Model

Energy consumption model for assets vis-à-vis production or time based usage

End to End Solutions

Complete meter and hardware support for metering application at affordable price

Use Case& Benefits

  • Monitor energy usage by assets and plot optimisation strategy
  • Estimate energy cost in real time or for an unit of production across sites / units / machines
  • Identify trends in energy usage to find underlying problems
  • Map abnormal energy consumption to machine faults
  • Dashboards to visualise energy consumption and cost