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Crane IoT

Digital Platform to provide IoT enabled EOT Cranes for safety and long life

Smart Crane
Long Life

for EOT Cranes

Remote Monitoring

Monitoring real time operations , hoist cycles and starts/stops . Comparing actual duty cycle with design Duty Cycle to determine maintenance needs

Remote Support

Remotely support customers to solve minor issues without needing a service engineer to travel to site.

Estimating Useful Life

Monitor the remaining useful life of key components like Brakes, relays and alert users for replacing the same.

Alerts & Reporting

Alert users on anomaly detected in Crane to take timely actions for maintaining Safety of Operations.


Reduction in Maintenance Cost

Alerts on Critical Parameters effecting Safety

Minimize Downtime of Crane

Estimating health of Key Components and Planning Replacements


“ Modine was able to leverage internal capabilities with the analytics value DrumBuffer provide through our engagement. This is an example of how a Cohesive , high technical Content and innovative execution delivered greater value and relevance”

Jerry Kapoor , Managing Director, Modine Thermal Systems India

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